Bathtub to shower conversion service in Syracuse and Central NY


Tubless showers continue to grow in popularity, and Bathroom Remodel Syracuse is the top choice for tub-to-shower conversion renovations in Syracuse and Central New York.

If you’re considering replacing your bathtub with a stand-alone shower, you’ve likely clicked around on Pinterest to see the possibilities. We can build you an exquisite shower that suits your style and needs.

The advantage of converting your bathtub into a shower is that it will give you an extra-large bathing area that looks great. Better yet, you won’t have to worry again about replacing or refinishing an old tub, and the converted shower will be easy for you to get into – which is a huge bonus for the elderly and handicapped.

During a bathtub to shower conversion, you’ll be given many options and choices to transform your bathroom. You’ll choose the materials, location, and orientation of your shower.

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Tub to shower remodeling process

Our bath conversion process is straightforward and can be finished in five easy steps.

  1. Removal of bathtub and faucets
  2. Installation of shower base
  3. Repair of wall where the tub was removed
  4. Installation of wall material of your liking, (tiles, stone, etc.)
  5. Installation of shower doors

Removing a bathtub creates a natural alcove for a shower. However, we can relocate the shower to different location in your bathroom, and replace standing bathtubs with a shower area.

During the conversion, we check your framing and sub-floor for mildew and mold, and make sure your pipes and shower valves are in top condition.

Your shower base can be curbed or curbless. Curbed bases form a complete enclosure to contain spraying water while curbless bases must have a drainage slope built below the surface of the surrounding floor.

You’ll work with a designer one-on-one to bring your dream shower to life. Do you want a rainfall shower head? Multiple shower heads? Glass doors? It’s up to you.

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