Bathroom Countertop Installation In Syracuse, NY


Need more counter space in the bathroom? Does your bathroom countertop look like it was installed in ’70s?

Consider Bathroom Remodel Syracuse to give you a countertop that both meets your needs and shows off your unique style.

A new, updated countertop can do wonders for and old bathroom. More operating space for your family to get ready in the morning and for cosmetics and bathroom appliances can be a huge bonus for the functionality of your bathroom.

What do you want out of your bathroom countertops? We’ll help you choose materials that appeal to your senses and your budget.

Reasons to replace your existing countertop might include:

  • Stained and dulled
  • Outdated
  • Lacks space
  • Unappealing color or pattern
  • Increase home resale

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Countertop material options for your remodel

Choosing the right material for your countertop can be an important decision for your bathroom. You want something that stand up to soap, water, and cosmetics while serving as a durable work surface. You also desire a material that won’t blow your budget.

Bathroom Remodel Syracuse will help you make the best choice. We install a wide variety of countertop materials. Consider the following options:

Granite or marble – A popular choice because of its durability and rich look. Handles heat and wear and will increase the value of your home. There are many affordable options to fit your budget.

Quartzite – A durable and low maintenance material that is comparable in cost to granite and marble.

Laminate – Popular because of its durability and cost. Made in a range of finishes – including those that look like granite. Though more affordable than granite, it won’t stand up as well to heat and wear, and will dull and dent over time.

Tile – Can be arranged in unique patterns with varying color and detail to give your bathroom a fresh look. The only downside is grout lines that can trap gunk.

Wood – Offers an inviting feel to your bathroom with an organic look. Must be sealed to avoid rotting.

Bring your bathroom up to date today by replacing your countertops with new materials that are budget-friendly and great looking. Call Bathroom Remodel Syracuse at 315-245-8323 to schedule a free consultation and estimate for your countertop replacement project.

We also replace and install all types of bathroom cabinets.